Do you have rising damp in your house?

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Rising damp is where moisture is absorbed from the gound into your wall. The moisture is wicked up, bypassing damp course and possibly waterproofing into your wall. When this doesn't dry out then properly the wall remains damp causing mold growth, efflorescence creating at the very least an unpleasant looking wall. Sign of rising damp are 1. Paint, wall paper, or other wall covering becoming stained and delaminating 2. Mold growth 3. Efflorescence Unseen is the potential damage to your wall itself. This could be evidenced by staining, cracks, spalling brick or masonry depending on the wall. See some of the pictures below moisture penetrations and for the more technical minded a diagram of how rising damp may enter your dwelling. We recommend that you watch this video as most rising damp cases would be this bad Drizoro Maxseal Foundation – A cement based waterproof membrane coating for concrete, brick, cement, blocks and masonry. Used for waterproofing basements, retaining walls, car parks and foundations. Also suitable for swimming pools, irrigation channels, tunnels, dams, water tanks and treatment plants as it is non-toxic. May be tinted, painted or tiled over. Just add water. Benefits of using Maxseal (Advantages): • Good adhesion, it becomes part of the substrate , fills and seals all pores, missing mortar lines which means it won't come off • Must be applied to wet surfaces this means you don't have to wait for the wall or for you to dry it ... saves time • Can be rendered or painted over. • NOT affected by salts and acids in soil. • Easy to apply with Drizoro brush. • Will seal against positive and negative water pressure. Uses: Waterproofing of retaining walls, car parks, basements, elevator pits, below grade ingress of water in foundations. It can also be used as waterproofing layer or barrier against humidity by capillarity on a variety of masonry or mortar substrates. Order at the Other products may be required eg Maxplug | Maxseal Flex | Maxrest


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